Mad Hatter Tea Party

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Sisters Izzabelle turned 7 & Zoe turned 4! Follow ThosedangChangs down the rabbit hole on their fun birthday to a magical MAD HATTER Tea Party by mompreneur aka Black Martha Stewart aka Coradorables. The girls wore their custom Coradorables outfits/costumes. The guests made their own Mad Hatter Hats & strutted them down the runway for an impromptu fashion show. The guests played croquet with flamingos & sat for a formal high tea. The girls frolicked through the garden while adhering to the eat me drink me prompts, played an intense game of musical chairs. Birthday girl Izzabelle toasted and thanked her guests and her guests literally blessed her with song. The Queen of Hearts #ZOEDOT ruled as a great little hostess. The day was filled with friends, fun, and loads of giggles. It was lovely to see #sisterhood at work in its truest form as the girls cheered and encouraged each other. A good time was had by all and all were a little well mad (in the best way).


Mandys Munchies made the amazing ube and strawberry cupcakes. All #vegetarian fare. We had traditional tea sandwiches like cucumber, and egg salad. I made carrot shaped croissants painted with food coloring and stuffed with egg salad, fruit kabobs, tropical fruit tarts, lavender scones. Aunty Lisa made the amazing lemon and raspberry macaroons a crowd favorite. We had a candy strawberry shortcake, rose shaped apple tarts. The guests made their own yogurt parfaits served in flower pots with oreo “dirt” and fresh orchids.


Strawberry and mint spa water, passion orange guava juice and various herbal and decaffeinated teas served in china.


Mandys Munchies cupcakes in ube and strawberry with marshmallow fondant, candy coated strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit tarts, lemon with raspberry cream macarons, homemade rose shaped apple tarts.


Coradorables EAT ME DRINK ME necklaces, in an Alice Dress shaped favor box ThoseDangChangs birthday CD, #MandysMunchies EAT ME marshmallows, macaroon shaped jewelry box , Cheshire Cat & Alice hairbows, custom Mad Hatter Hats


Croquet with the flamingo mallets, Alice bing bag toss, musical chairs, make your own edible flower pot, decorate your own Mad Hatter Hat & ThosedangChangs musical chairs.