God bless your soul John Lewis

President Barack Obama presenting John Lewis an award

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting and working with civil rights activist, politician and leader Mr. Lewis when I was an intern for The Associated Press on Capitol Hill stationed primarily at the House. I remember him being one ☝🏾 of the few faces that looked like mine making moves and changes on the floor. He was a vocal leader in the Black National Caucus. I watched him enjoy a southern breakfast 🍳 at the cafeteria on the Hill before starting a very long and purposeful day. It was interesting to see a superhero eat. I admired him greatly. I’d like to think that when he saw a young brown face like mine as an intern he saw hope for our future. We gave the obligatory yet pride filled nod when we’d pass in the halls. He introduced me to other major hitters on the Hill. Having an icon like him know your name and know you existed made you step up your game and carry yourself with a sense of pride and purpose, like you didn’t want to let family down. Mr.Lewis was like a cool uncle on the Hill. Wise, warm, approachable yet no nonsense.

He knew the game and played it well. He is a beacon of light and his legacy will shine on in our nation’s history forevermore. Godspeed & God bless your soul Mr. Lewis.

—Cora Spearman